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How to achieve hair color texture and dimension to achieve hair color texture and dimension

Who wants one color gone you can have two? The days of flat, one-note hair color are on top of, for that marginal note use this easy step-by-step to tote taking place two colors you concerning fond for a see filled as soon as natural texture and dimension. Plus, you can benefit it each and every one one of from the comfort of your own bathroom. Hello, happiness!

You will compulsion:

  • 2 boxes of Natural Instincts hair color. Your first color should be in the works to three shades lighter than your natural color. The second crate can be either your current shade or one shade darker than your current shade.
  • A makeup sponge (trust us vis–vis this one)

Step 1: Wash and ascetic hair.

Step 2:

  • Separate your dry hair into four equal sections.
  • Curly haired ladies, begin following a center portion.
  • Straight haired gals, create a deep side share back separating into sections.

Step 3: Mix each color according to package directions. Don’t forget those embellish! No one wants hair color hands.

Step 4: Apply the lighter shade from roots to tips in every one of four sections.

Step 5: Now for the fun share! Braid each section.

Step 6: Using the makeup sponge, apply the darker color happening for the hair surface that’s showing from the braid, avoiding the ends. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

Step 7: Rinse, use the Natural Instincts conditioner for softness and shine, style, and voila! Who needs a colorist back you have a bathroom, hair dye, and your stylish self?


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