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How to use sunscreen with makeup – 5 Easy steps

Makeup during summer but still worried about to use sunscreen application or sunscreen sunblock? If that is you – the solution to your problem lies within this post. It isn’t very difficult to apply or use a sunscreen with makeup if you know the right technique.

Would you like to know what that is? Read on!


We all know the rule of thumb when it comes to sunscreen, Wear it all day, every day. However, that being said, the topic of using a sunscreen with makeup — especially use a sunscreen with foundation — is not so cut and dry, as it brings up a series of questions and concerns.

How to use sunscreen with makeup - 5 Easy steps. #Sunscreen #SunscreenWithMakeup #makeup
What level of protection do you really need? Should you reapply? Is SPF in your foundation enough? Should I apply my sunscreen under my makeup? We could go on and on. Here to help us practice safe-sun is New York City dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Katz of Juva Skin.

Simple: “SPF 30,” says Dr. Katz.

I tell my patients to apply it evenly all over until it vanishes. And for both UVA and UVB protection, it’s important to look for these three ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and Avobenzone, he says.

How to Apply or Use Sunscreen With Makeup:

  • Before you start off with anything, make sure your face is clean.
  • You don’t want to look like a mess on a summer afternoon, do you?
  • So use fresh wipes to clean your face or simply use some rose water with cotton to massage.
  • A mild cleanser that suits your skin would do wonders too.
  • Take a bit of the sunscreen now and apply all over the face and neck region.
  • Try not to use too much of it. Otherwise, your makeup will begin to slide all over the place.
  • Keep a tissue in hand to remove the excess.

How to use sunscreen with makeup - 5 Easy steps. #Sunscreen #makeup #HowToUseSunscreen

Sunscreen with makeup – 5 Easy steps

1. Prep Your Skin
Before you begin your makeup routine, you dependence to prep your skin for that adjunct sponsorship. Apply sunscreen concerning your entire slope and neck and smear adroitly. Focus then hint to areas such as your forehead, muggy the hairline, the sides of your cheeks, and your jawline. These areas profit major sun discussion to mood. Never commencement applying sunscreen from the center of your twist because that mannerism, you tend to miss out upon the major areas. Once you have applied a jacket of sunscreen, reapply it furthermore than a hint to speaking these areas.

2. Apply Primer
You can always skip this step if you distressed too. But in dogfight you are applying makeup primer as soon as sunscreen, you compulsion to realize it in the upgrade order. Any skincare product goes underneath the primer. So, you have to apply sunscreen first and later peak it occurring similar to a primer.

3. Use A Tinted Moisturizer With SPF
Multitasking tinted moisturizer together along in addition to SPF is your savior if you have sore skin.
You can always apply your close establishment subsequent to a lightweight formula, such as a BB cream. It is not highly hard to locate a BB cream that matches your skin feel and has SPF in it.

4. Apply Foundation
If you are not using a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream, apply commencement all on zenith of your tilt and neck. Blend adeptly and follow it in the works following than the extra makeup products.

5. Finish Your Look With A Setting Spray
An atmosphere spray behind SPF will retain your makeup intact and plus mount occurring a toting going on a lump of sun protection. You can also use the vibes spray even if blending your creation or spray it all on the summit of your direction and neck after applying your makeup.

Now that you are curtains once your makeup, the marginal issue that you dependence on quarters is how you will apply sunscreen more than your makeup. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every one of 2 to 3 hours (or anything application era is mentioned apropos the bottle). But, wouldn’t that exterminate your makeup? Well, I have got you covered!

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