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How to make your trampoline rectangle safe

Rebounding on a trampoline has always been a source of fun and fulfillment for both adults and children.

Unfortunately, there poses the threat of possible trampoline injuries, especially to the children.

Is your kids trampoline rectangle safe, and the uncovered springs are an accident just waiting to happen, why not fix both problems at once with some cheap pool noodles. Simply cut sections a little longer than the springs, then push the them through the holes in the centers so they make a nice snug fit.

Hook the ends of the springs back onto the tramp, and repeat the process with the others. If you alternate the colors, you’ll end up with a custom pattern that will give a new life to your old tramp.

Here are some tips to make your trampoline rectangle safe:

> Do Not Install The Trampoline Near Trees, Poles or Fences Which a Child May Hit in Case of a Harsh Play.

> Check If All The Springs Are in Position And The Bolts Well Tightened Before The Trampoline is Used.

> Install Safety Pads to Cover The Steel Frame, Springs, And Hooks.

> Purchase Good Quality High Trampoline Safety Nets to Enclose Your Trampoline

> Ensure That Your Kids Don’t Jump Too High So That They Don’t Lose Control And Jump Off The Trampoline.

> Always Remove All Jewelry And Any Life Threatening Sharp Objects in The Pockets Before Jumping.

> Discourage Your Children From Doing Somersaults on The Trampoline.

> Train Your Children to Always Use The Trampoline Ladder While Getting into And Out of The Trampoline

> Always Check To Make Sure That The Surface of The Jumping mat is free of any moisture or snow your children use it.

> Install the trampoline on a leveled ground to help in proper balancing when it is in use.

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