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Test to see if your Colon Needs Cleansing

Test to see if your Colon Needs Cleansing

Your colon is your body’s sewerage system and it’s best to clean it for time to time. A forgotten popular saying suggested that the illness starts in the stomach and death in the colon. This was later confirmed by a study which found that in 90% of the cases, patients get ill because off a dirty colon.  Your colon folds are the perfect hiding place for residues and parasite eggs. In most of the cases, residues stay in your body for tens of years. Being extremely acid, after a while they manage to penetrate the colons walls thus, toxins get reabsorbed in your blood, lymph, etc. In other words, your colons functions get upside down and, instead of eliminating toxins, it becomes an easy mean for them to get back into your blood.  If you believe you have a dirty colon, here are some of the symptoms you should have:



-skin eczemas;


-bad breath;

-bad skin smell;

-White tongue;

-smelling sweating;

Source:  VoqueBeautyMagazine