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American classic pancake – The simplest classics with tasty feel

American classic pancake is among the simplest classics that our kitchen has to offer. Fast, tasty and somehow a piece of happiness on the plate, for many adults associated with childhood memories. But they are popular with small and large people alike.

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American Classic Pancake Recipe

Those who prefer American pancakes will love this recipe, they are much smaller and very fluffy thanks to the addition of baking soda. For apple pancakes, first, pour apple rings into the heated pan and then pour the dough over them. Sweet pancakes also taste great with applesauce, chocolate cream, jam.

My children like pancakes quite simply with sugar or applesauce. However, many people spread them after baking with chocolate cream or prepare it as a savory variant.

  1. Courses: Main
  2. Cuisine: American
  3. Servings: 4
  4. Preparation Time: 5 Mins
  5. Ready in: 10 Mins
  6. Recipe Author: Nicole Stroschein

American Classic Pancake - The Simplest Classics with Tasty Feel #AmericanClassicPancake #AmericanPancake #ClassicPancake #Pancake #Pancakes"

Classic Pancake – The Ingredients
Classic Pancake – The Preparation

Put milk and eggs in the mixing pot and 20 sec. Mix level 4

Add the remaining ingredients and 30 sec Mix level 4.

Heat the fat in a pan and gradually bake the pancake batter for a few minutes. Sprinkle with sugar and serve as desired.

Nutrition facts per serving:
  1. 500 KCAL
  2. 9.8 GE
  3. 27.5 GF
  4. 50 G KH


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