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5 best leg firming exercises for women and leg workout included

If you’re stuck at home or don’t like the gym.  You can still firm and shape your legs right at home with these easy 5 Best Leg Firming exercises included in this home leg workout for women seen below.

Getting long-lasting leg firming results at home takes effort.  However, with the right leg training routine, it’s easier to see great results.  Make sure to sign up for the 21-day Free Home workouts to get a lean, healthy and natural diet that will help you lose body fat and show sculpt, tone and fit muscles.


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5 Best leg workout to perform at home

Hold a challenging dumbbell (20-40 lbs) with both hands in a vertical position.

Hold the dumbbell with palms up under your chin close to your body.  Place feet toes pointed out at 11 and 1 o’clock position.  heels slightly wider than hip-distance apart. Squat low so your elbows touch your knees and stand back up.  Throw hips forward at the top as you lock out knees and squeeze your bum.  Repeat


Hold a challenging dumbbell (15-30lbs) with both hands between legs with straight arms.

Place feet wider than shoulder-width apart with feet at 10 and 2 o’clock position.  Squat straight down with back straight until dumbbell almost hits the ground in a vertical position and come back up 1/2 way and go back down to repeat.  Squeeze inner thighs.

Place your feet in a lunge position. Make sure your feet are hip-distance apart.


When you lunge down the back knee should be bent so it almost touches the ground.  Pulse in a lunging position on the front leg and make sure the front knee doesn’t go over the front toe if so, open your lunge and/or bring the front foot forward more.  Pulse in position so knee pulses 1-3 inches off the ground entire exercise.

Hold a medicine ball 5-20 lbs. with palms of hands under ball and tight to chest entire time under the chin.

Squat with feet slightly pointed out and spring up by powering off from a squat position. Land light and squat back down to power back up.  Make sure to take your time one jump into the next.  Drive off the heels and spring off your toes.

You should vary the jump rope from fast to hard (hit the ground hard with rope).

Jumping Jacks with a fist is an alternative to jump rope if you’re not coordinated with the rope.  The fist gives more resistance. Sprints at 100% are only for advanced runners.  A fast jog is adequate if starting.  Don’t start sprinting immediately without warming up.  You must have been running for at least 5-6 weeks consistently in order to start sprinting to prevent leg injuries.


The 5 best leg workout video for women

How to perform this leg workout at home

Perform the leg workout as in the video. Then jump rope for 2 minutes or Jumping Jacks with a fist and then run 100 yards, turn and sprint 60-90% max back to repeat again 3x – 6x.

If you have more time.  Jog or Power walk 1-3 miles.


5 best leg firming exercises for women and leg workout included

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