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Quick Home Workout Plans for Total Arm Shaping with cardio exercises



Try this home arm toning workout plans for men

Have you been trying to tone and shape your arms for a long time with no results?  Try this home arm toning workout plans for men that include 6 arm exercises (bicep workout plans for men, tricep workout plans for men) and a quick fat burning workout plans (3 cardio exercises) to help you.

#WorkoutPlans  Workout Plans for Men for Total Arm Shaping with Cardio Exercises. #WorkoutPlansforMen

Remember, you 110% have to eat a healthy and lean diet to get the tone and firm arms you desire.  All three are keys to your success especially after 30 years old: a clean diet, cardio, and a smart workout routine. To get the results you desire, make sure to eat fewer calories than you’re burning every day and add resistance training 3-5x per week.


If you want help getting ultra-fit from head to toe and laser focus on your most troubled areas (lower or upper body), choose one printed plan below :

Today’s total arm home workout routine video includes the sets and reps

How to perform this arm workout plans for men at home

These arm exercises without weights you can do at home will help you build your upper body and core strength, all in one. If any of these exercises are new to you, that’s great. When you focus on just using your own body for resistance (and not adding weights) it’s easier to learn proper form and prevents potential injuries that arise when you start with weights. Plus, you can do them anywhere at any time, so you’ll be more likely to actually do them anywhere.

3 Bicep Exercise Workout Plans

  • Straight Bar Bicep Curls
  • Concentration Curls
  • Hammer Curls

3 Cardio Exercise Workout Plans

  • Burpees
  • Star Jumps
  • Running High Knee

4 Tricep Exercise Workout Plans

  • PushBacks (band)
  • KickBacks (palm down)
  • KickBacks (reverse grip)
  • KickBacks (reverse grip) 45 degrees

Run 1/2-1 mile and repeat entire video workout 3-5x.
Try, share and comment if you try it.  Would love to hear your results!


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