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10 Types of Home Decor Styles for Fall

I haven’t done a home decor based blog post in a while. Fall is just around the corner, so it’s time to think about how to decorate the inside and outside of your home for the autumn season. Today I want to give you some ideas on 10 types of home decor styles for fall.

If you are new to Blooming Anomaly, I’m sure you noticed that most of my articles are about gardening. If you have been with me from the start since spring 2017, you know I’ve written some home decor based articles.


For my gardening followers, this post has plenty of ideas for you on how to use your freshly cut blooms, so hang in there!

10 Types of Home Decor Styles for Fall

I had the opportunity to talk to a florist about fall home decor styles. Ami Trost is the President and Founder of Blue Moon Florist in Downingtown, PA. She is also a florist on Bloomnation, the world’s largest online marketplace where customers can purchase from local florists found all over the country.

Fall Home Decor Style

When you think of home decor styles for fall, I’m sure neutral colors, dried flowers and plants, and plenty of pumpkins come to mind. This year is no exception to that.

Most of the ideas below have to do with floral decor, but you can add other decor in as well to create one-of-a-kind fall decor for your home.

10 types of home decor styles for fall

Fall Flower Bouquets

fall flower bouquet

Many of the styles from last year’s fall season will be included in this fall season when it comes to flower bouquets. This includes a gardenesque look of elegance that is put together nicely.

Types of Flowers

Different types of fall flowers can be used to display in your home this fall season. Flowers include marigold, poppies, amaranths, and other flowers that look beautiful when dried.


Neutrals are all the rage this year, as well as gold, rosegold, brown, cream, plum, burgandy, and varying shades of green. Mix and match these colors with ones you already have in your home so that you don’t have to change too much of the decor to transition to fall colors.


Keep shapes minimal or mix and match shapes for interesting centerpieces. Create beautiful bouquets that are neatly put together for an elegant look.

dried roses in vase


The farmhouse look with creams and neutrals is always in style, especially during the fall. Add some modern style with woods and metallics.

Incorporate some colors you already have in your home with decor and flowers from your garden.


A variety of materials can be used in containers, such as wood, metallics, 60’s midcentury style, and light colors that would fall (pun intended!) under farmhouse style. Ami informed me that there is a shortage of glass this year due to Covid-19, so get creative with what you display your floral centerpieces in.

Dried Flowers

Fall is a great time of year to incorporate dried flowers into your decor. Many plants start to go dormant during this time of year, so display flowers leftover from spring and summer with dried ones from those seasons.

dried flowers in vase


Create elegant centerpieces using flowers and colors mentioned above. Add fall elements, such as eucalyptus leaves with dried flowers, pinecones, and multicolored leaves.


Add some elements such as leaves, twigs, and other elements that remind you of fall. Mix and match with live and dried flowers and plants for an interesting look.

Use What You Have

If you dig out last year’s and previous year’s fall decor, I’m sure you will find pieces that you can use again this year. Mix up items from year’s past with new flowers and decor for this year.

Add Your Personality

Don’t forget to add your personality to your fall home decor. This may be a particular flower, color, theme, or more. I love the color pink, so I plan to include this in my fall home decor style somehow.

dried flower bouquet

Ami also mentioned that with so many people working from home, they will want to bring pieces of their garden indoors. Create your own fall bouquets with flowers, greenery, branches, and other items from your garden.

It’s all about experimenting and having fun with what you have this year.

Types of Home Decor Styles for Fall

Are you ready to get out your fall decor? How do you plan to decorate your home for the fall season this year? Let me know in the comments section below!

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