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25 Stunning Spilled Flower Pot Ideas for Your Lawn and Garden


If you are looking for a different way to update your flower beds, try this stunning spilled flower pot idea. There are tons of beautiful ways to use broken flower pots or simply to use brand new ones to create this look. The flowing flowers can look like everything from paint to a flowing dress down a hill. These are ideal for adding unique but stunning beauty to your yard.

Purple flowers in pot


Spilled Flower Pot Ideas

If you are struggling with how to make your garden look different, why not try this method. These “spilled flower pots” or flowing gardens are a fun way to take ordinary flowers and turn them into works of art in your lawn or garden.

Whether you use all one color flower, mix and match flowers, or make it with just succulents, this is a great way to add a unique spin on gardening. I love the ones that have large amounts of flowers or a big rainbow of colors, but sometimes, the simple green ground covering options are all you need to create a stunning setup.


Tools for Making Your Own Spilled Flower Garden

One of my favorite places to find old broken items or unique pots and containers for the garden is on Etsy. This, along with regular daily garden supplies can make it easy to create your own unique flower garden or floral work of art in your yard.

Below are a few of my favorite options for building your own unique flower waterfalls or spilled gardens.

Blue and Green Spilling Ground Cover with Sparkling Globes

Greenery and gazing balls spilling out of blue pot

Something about this lovely creation reminds me of summers in Greece. The bright blue of the ocean, the shimmering globes of the night sky, and lovely green ground cover with hints of flowers. You’ll love this little option in your garden.


Bucket with Red Flowers by a Tree

Red flowers in bucket

I love this whimsical idea for adding a large urn next to a tree with pink or red flowers pilling over. The addition of a tower of rocks and a ceramic bunny pull this look together into a fairy tale design everyone loves.

Source: Mr. Prairie Roots

Spilled Red Flowers From Rain Barrel

Red flowers in pot


This idea appeals to me not just because of the beautiful flowers spilling down a little hill, but also because this property has a little rock wall “hobbit home”. This is just a lovely garden idea that could fit into any space.

Source: Fresh Patio

Paint Tube Marigold Spilled Flowers

Marigolds spilling out of fake paint tube

I absolutely love the paint idea and this features a custom paint tube near a lovely bed of marigolds. The bright orange color of the marigolds could be replaced with any color flower and “paint” to suit your region or style.

Source: Creative Spotting

Paint Bucket Flower Pots

Paint buckets spilling flowers

Painting plain flower pots with different colors of “drips” to resemble paint is a perfect way to add whimsy and beauty to a garden. This version used red, yellow, and blue with matching flowers for a stunning look. A perfect idea for a kid’s playground or garden area.


Flowing Succulent River

Succulent garden

This lovely idea is filled to the brim with succulents pouring out into the garden. I love how this green version looks, but since succulents come in many shades, you could really make this into a gorgeous rainbow of colors.

Spilled Flower Pot Red River

Red flowers spilling out of rock waterfall

This red river of flowers in the midst of a rock wall looks like a river of red coming out of the corner of a wall. Such a unique look for a small space. This would be especially nice for someone who wants limited garden work.

Purple Rain Whiskey Barrel

Green and white wildflowers in whiskey barrel

The lovely purple flowers weave a gorgeous river along with this garden. The recycled wooden whiskey barrel is the ideal rustic look for the garden but could be replaced with an urn or large planter you preferred.

Large Rainbow Flower Waterfall

Colorful floating flowers

This elevated bucket garden has a rainbow of colors flowing out to look just like a waterfall. This is a stunning look to any space, and especially nice if you have a smaller garden. Elevating the bucket and flowers makes this fit almost anywhere!

Leaning Water Bucket Spilled Pot

Purple flowers in pot

This one is a bit different than others as it is more simple in nature. An old water bucket-style pot is leaning over on the ground with beautiful flowers flowing outward. While this doesn’t have as large an amount of flowers as others, it’s great for adding to any garden. Add more flowers or different flowers as you prefer to make it a true showpiece in the garden.

Spilled Terra Cotta Succulent Garden

Succulents in white pebble garden

This lovely small garden has a great variety of succulents and flowers surrounded by white pebbles and mulch. A great idea for a small space that struggles to grow traditional flowers, this is definitely one to try.

Source: Decor Home Ideas

Floating Water Can Pouring Flowers

Watering can spilled flowers

This project is definitely a bit more difficult to create but absolutely breathtaking. A large watering can is suspended mid-air with a stream of flowers and vines flowing downward toward the ground. The actual flowers are really growing upwards on a shrub. While duplicating this will take some engineering, the design is a definite show stopper.

Spilled Milk Flower Bed

White flowers with silver milk can

A large milk can is laid over in a yard with lovely white flowers flowing outward as if you have simply dropped a jar of milk. This spilled milk idea is such a cute idea and really looks classy in any yard or garden while also being rustic in style.

Source: Ameba

Floral Waterfall in Red

Waterfall spilled flowers in red

This garden in Dubai is a stunning and detailed presentation that features flowing red flowers from green “barrels”. It is a part waterfall, part garden, and part dam unlocking to pour out the bountiful harvest of flowers. Truly stunning!

Source: Induced

Miniature Spilled Flower Pot Garden Design

This tutorial is so cute! It’s a perfect spilled flower project for small spaces or even an indoor area. With rocks, succulents, and flowers, it becomes a miniature landscape all by itself.

Spilling Floral Basket

Colorful flowers spilling out of wicker basket

A large basket is partially filled with earth for flowers to tumble out in a simple but lovely style. You could easily use any basket for this project, but know that the wicker or reed used may deteriorate faster than metal or concrete urn.

Tumbling Purple Wildflower Wooden Bucket Garden

Purple flowers in pot

These bright little purple wildflowers are a gorgeous addition to any garden. A half-barrel is stuffed with earth and flowers to produce a simple natural looking garden along a wooden fence edging. This rustic look is a favorite for wildflowers in a variety of styles and colors.

Purple Rain Wooden Barrel Garden

Purple and white flowers spilling out of whiskey barrel

This simple garden was an accent outside a business. The addition of purple flowers, potentially lavender, along the center with white and green on either side is perfect. It turns ordinary flowers into something that looks just like a little lovely colored walking trail.

Buried Flower Pot with White Flowers

White wildflowers in large pot

I think this choice for a spilled flower pot is perfect for those pots that may have broken in half. This garden features a beautiful green ground cover around the terra cotta and white flowers for lovely hints of color.

Moss Rose and Wishbone Flower

This idea is a great video tutorial that shows not only how to create the spilled flower design, but also some common flowers that do exceptionally well in this manner. As the flowers bloom, the bottom of the tree in this instance turns into a carpet of blooms.

Fairy Garden Floral Waterfall

Fairy garden spilled flowers

This setup is a lovely little fairy garden display. The large half barrel has flowers and ground cover flowing outward and down the hill for a unique look that can be customized for the season or look of the fairy tale setup.

Wicker Barrel Spilling Garden

White and green flowers with twig pots

A wicker barrel or rustic wooden ball can be filled with dirt and flowers added then poured along with a garden for a simple but beautiful waterfall of flowers. This easy spilled bucket flower idea is a super cute one that is great for a more rustic style.

Purple and Green Ceramic Spilled Flower Pot

Purple flowers in pot

This garden is beautiful for small areas. Lush green ground cover with pops of purple and red surrounding a rustic ceramic pot create a beautiful but imperfect garden that appeals to everyone.

Source: The Trending House

Spilled Urn Flowers by Tree

White urn with purple flowers by tree

If you don’t have much space in your area for a garden, you can use this method to integrate a simple concrete urn with a small amount of mulch and purple or green flowers. This takes up little space, and since there is grass all around, doesn’t have to be exact.

Wheelbarrow Waterfall of Flowers

Wheelbarrow of rainbow flowers

I love this idea for setting up an old wheelbarrow in the lawn to use as a spilled bucket for your favorite flowers. This one shows how you can easily add a large variety of flowers so it almost looks like you haven’t planted them but are just hauling them around.

Source: Decor Home Ideas

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