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How to Grow Cilantro Microgreens Fast And Easy

It’d be a shame to go away cilantro out of your microgreen garden. Growing cilantro microgreens reception can add a zesty flavor and rich nutrients to your food while not the high tag. Like most microgreens, Chinese parsley is incredibly simple to grow. it’s one amongst the a lot of slow-growing microgreens, however well well worth the wait.

The distinction between growing cilantro microgreens and simply growing cilantro is all concerning season. once it 1st sprouts from the seed, cilantro unfurls 2 grass-like seed leaf leaves. These delicious leaves style rather like cilantro, however with a smaller punch. Shortly when the seed leaf leaves emerge, the first, feathery, true leaves seem. The cilantro small greens currently have the complete cilantro flavor… unless you’ve got an explicit genetic variation, that we tend to make a case for in our article on  growing cilantro.


Not solely is that this short-step methodology a way quicker thanks to grow cilantro, it’s additionally a lot of alimentary. Cilantro microgreens are typically healthier than their mature selves. as a result of it’s thus new up, the cilantro microgreen continues to be obtaining its nutrients from the seed reproductive structure. because the plant matures, it depends instead on soil nutrients, that are way more variable.

In this short guide, we’ll take you thru every step of turning cilantro seeds into delicious baby greens. thus let’s get our hands dirty and grow cilantro – the microgreen way!

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Cilantro Microgreens Quick Info

Slow Bolt cilantro microgreens
Slow Bolt cilantro microgreens
Flavor: Citrusy, cilantro flavor
Soak: Optional
Rinse/Drain: Optional
Germination: 2-6 days
Ideal Harvest: 10-20 days

Growing Cilantro Microgreens

You’ll would like a similar materials for many microgreens. The growing method is additionally similar, however encompasses a step or 2 specific to the cilantro microgreen.


When growing cilantro microgreens, we’ll be gathering before the plants grow a decent scheme. attributable to this, they’ll be full-grown in shallow planting trays. Since the young plants are going to be obtaining all their nutrients from the seed, we have a tendency to don’t got to worry concerning organic fertilizer or nutrients within the soil combine. Instead, you must use a fine-grained soil combine that may systematically give wetness to the seed. There are soil-less choices, like coconut fiber or vermiculite, however cilantro seeds don’t grow well in absolutely aquiculture systems. Some form of growing medium ought to be used.

Cilantro microgreens grow best with consistent light-weight. It’s best to use a grow light-weight since you’ll be able to time it for twelve hours or additional day by day. Keep the grow light-weight on the brink of the microgreen receptacle and ensure that it casts on all the plants as equally as potential.


Slow Bolt cilantro seeds
Cilantro seeds have two halves, each of which will germinate.

There’s a small amount of discussion concerning whether or not to soak cilantro seeds or not. the final accord is that these seeds will go either manner and still grow well. Soaking them might speed up the germination method, however doesn’t essentially create the seeds grow quicker.

If you intend on soaking the seeds, place them during a bowl of fresh water for 12-24 hours (no over a day). After that, plant them directly. you’ll additionally strive crushing the seed hulls rather than soaking in water. simply place the seeds during a bag and gently crush them with a kitchen utensil or chopping board. this can have an identical result to soaking.

So, you’ll opt for whether or not you would like to crush the seeds, unfold them in water, or skip this step altogether. Any of those ways that ought to still flip every seed into quality cilantro microgreens.


Before you jump into planting those seeds, we’d like to urge the receptacle prepared for growing microgreens. Fill it slightly below the brim with damp soil, smoothing it as equally as doable. Then, unfold the seeds across the whole surface. we wish them to be comparatively approximate, however not overlapping (about 5-8 per sq. inch). Cilantro microgreens would like a bit a lot of spacing than different sorts as a result of they’ll be growing for extended and developing a lot of leaves. There’s no got to cowl the seed with soil.

Give the seeds and soil prime a misting of water and place a canopy over the receptacle. This cowl has to block out all the daylight that the seeds will germinate (we suggest you create use of a second tray). Cilantro microgreens would like a cooler temperature to germinate than different plants, concerning 70° F.

Check on the seeds each few days, watering PRN. they’ll not germinate uniformly, however ought to do thus at intervals 2-6 days.


Leisure Splits cilantro microgreens
Leisure Splits cilantro microgreens.

When the cilantro seeds have germinated and therefore the sprouts begin pushing up the receptacle cowl, it’s time to treat them like plants. First, take away the receptacle and begin exploitation the grow light-weight. you’ll see that the seed sprouts and leaves square measure white because of lack of sunshine, however they’ll quickly flip inexperienced.

Mold loves a dark and wet surroundings, therefore we’d like to stay the soil high as dry as attainable. Bottom watering is that the best resolution here. Fill a dish with water and set the receptacle on high of it. The soil combine can take in the water whereas keeping the sprouts dry and mold-free.

As the cilantro microgreens grow, feel the burden of the receptacle every day to work out if the soil medium is prepared for additional water. As they begin to grow in size, a number of the cilantro microgreens might push the seed hull upwards with the cotyledons and leaves. gently brush your palm across the highest of the cilantro microgreens to get rid of them.


It’ll be anyplace from 10-20 days till you see that the cilantro microgreens square measure smart and prepared to reap. The seed leaf leaves are open and inexperienced. most significantly although, the primary true leaves can have return. This window of your time is that the peak of flavor and nutrition for cilantro microgreens. From root to leaf, the greens ought to be an in. or taller.

Stop watering the cilantro microgreens twelve hours before you’re able to harvest. this may eliminate excess wetness and prepares the greens for storage.

Now, simply you  got to take your room scissors and obtain snipping! Cut the stems just higher than the soil level. Cilantro microgreens have a versatile harvest window, therefore you’ll like better to harvest PRN rather than beat at some point.


Like any home-grown turn out, cilantro microgreens style nice once used recent. Rinse them in cold water and add them raw to dish, eggs, or your favorite Mexican dish.

If you aren’t getting to use them directly, hold off on the laundry step. to attain correct storage, we wish to stay the cilantro microgreens as dry as attainable. gently press them between 2 paper towels and seal them in an airtight instrumentation. With this technique, they’ll detain the electric refrigerator for 5-10 days.

Frequently Asked queries

Leisure Splits cilantro seeds
These Leisure Splits seeds are already divided into individual halves for fast germination.

Q: will small cilantro style like cilantro?

A: Yes! If you permit the primary true leaves to grow in, you’ll see that the style are indistinguishable.

Q: can cilantro grow back when cutting?

A: Cilantro microgreens won’t grow as a result of all the expansion nodules area unit removed throughout harvest. grownup cilantro, on the opposite hand, is harvested and utilized in parts, thus it’ll get back.

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