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How To Harvest Cilantro And Store It Properly

Also referred to as Chinese parsley or Chinese parsley, cilantro is one amongst the foremost wide used herbs within the world. contemporary and zesty, cilantro will add a punch of flavor to your recipes. it’s used copiously in Mexican, geographical area, Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, African, and even Scandinavian cuisines. It’s even mature as cilantro microgreens!

Most people like victimization contemporary cilantro because the herb itself doesn’t have a really long period, and it loses flavor and aroma once dried. it’s invariably a decent plan to grow some cilantro plants within the garden to own cilantro reachable.


Even if you don’t use cilantro leaves in your recipes, you’ll harvest the plant for its flavourous cilantro seeds, that square measure higher referred to as coriander. As cilantro grows simply within the garden, you’ll be ready to relish the plants’ leaves through spring and summer and so allow them to move to seed at that time!

To ensure never-ending offer of cilantro, you need to find out how to reap your plants properly. Helpfully, that’s what we’re reaching to discuss today! browse on to be told everything you wish to understand concerning gathering cilantro.



When Should I Harvest Cilantro Plants?

How to harvest cilantro
Knowing how to harvest cilantro will keep you stocked up. Source: World to Table

Harvesting often and properly will extend the period of time of the cilantro plants. However, it’s vital to let your plant get established before you begin harvest.


As the plant grows, it produces several long, slender stems. once the leaves square measure lacy-looking and therefore the stems square measure long, they’re able to be harvested. At now, the cilantro herbs square measure 10 to 12 inches tall. Harvest your cilantro through the spring and into the first summer season. If the total sun conditions within the season persuade be too atmospheric condition for your plants, they will bolt to seed.

The ideal time to reap cilantro is within the morning. Harvest it once per week or take individual leaves once they square measure needed. Usually, it takes around a pair of to three weeks to grow back, thus harvest consequently. detain mind that regular cut-and-come-again harvest is best because it keeps the plant busy manufacturing foliage.


How To Harvest Cilantro

Cilantro flowers before producing seed
When the white cilantro flowers fade, seed pods form. Source: Cristinacards

Harvesting is definitely the foremost exciting a part of growing plants. Harvest cilantro leaves severally if you simply want a couple of. once gather cilantro in larger quantities, it’s best to depart a minimum of 1-2 inches of stem higher than the soil’s surface, ideally with a couple of lower leaves still in situ to sustain the herbs till the plant grows back. Use sharp, sterilized garden shears or snips to chop the stems cleanly.

When growing cilantro in restricted quantities, it’s best to require solely alittle section of the plant at a time to make sure your herbs grow back properly. additionally, the cilantro herb will war a bitter style once the plant flowers and goes to seed. The leaves are going to be less-desirable at that point, thus it’s higher to reap before the plant bolts.

How To Store recent Cilantro

Before you’ve harvested, it’s best to make your mind up what quantity you ought to take from the garden. If you are doing not arrange on mistreatment the leaves at once, you’ll have to be compelled to find out how to store cilantro to create it last longer. There square measure a handful completely different strategies to do.

Storing Cilantro in Water

Once harvested, wait to scrub your cilantro therefore the leaves stay dry. Place the stem ends into a glass or jar with one” to 1.5” of water and store it within the icebox for up to a couple of days. amendment the water a minimum of once on a daily basis. to keep up humidness round the herbs, cowl the highest loosely with a bag.

Storing Cilantro within the electric refrigerator

Chop cilantro before freezing
Wash and chop up cilantro if you plan on freezing it for later use. Source: wader

Another low-maintenance methodology of storing cilantro is to freeze it. wash the leaves to get rid of any garden soil and shake off excess wet. Chop the leaves into little bits and pack them into square block trays, adding simply simply enough water to hide the herb. If desired, you’ll be able to pre-measure therefore you recognize specifically what quantity is in every cube for future recipes. Once absolutely frozen, transfer the cubes to a fridge bag. Use PRN in soups, sauces, smoothies, marinades, etc. Frozen cilantro will last up to six to eight months.


How To Dry Cilantro

There ar some ways in which to dry cilantro. It’s potential to dry cilantro within the kitchen appliance. However, if you actually wish to relish flavor-packed dried cilantro, you’ll wish to avoid mistreatment heat, because the hot air will considerably impact the finished and dried herb’s flavor.

A better methodology for drying cilantro is air drying or hang-drying. organize the herb stems in a very little bunch and tie them with a string. suspend the bunch the other way up in a very well-ventilated, dark location. you’ll be able to conjointly tie a brown poke round the bunch to forestall mud from accumulating on your cilantro.

Once the bunch has been hanging for around every week, begin checking on a daily basis or 2 to envision however dry it’s. once it crumbles on contact, it’s able to crush or powder and keep for later use.

Cure the cilantro before semi permanent storage to attenuate the chance of mildew. To cure, place the dried cilantro in a very glass jar. Shake the jar totally daily to combine the contents when gap it to permit recent air into the jar. this can facilitate equalize the wet content. you’ll be able to conjointly add a wet gripping packet if you’d like.

How To Harvest Coriander Seeds

Coriander pods
When ready for harvest, the coriander pods will be green to brown in color. Source: aftab

Even if you’re not an enormous fan of cilantro leaves or realize they style like soap to you, you’ll be able to harvest the plant for coriander seeds. Temperatures should be systematically over seventy five degrees for the plant to flower, and at that time, it will reach heights of up to twenty inches tall. Once it’s patterned, pods can kind because the flowers fade. These ought to be inexperienced to brown in color before harvest. once the coriander seeds ar prepared, these pods drop the mature seed.


To harvest the seeds, tie the stems with their hooked up seed pods into a bunch and suspend it the other way up during a poke during a cool and dry place. The seeds can take off over time and represent the bag.

Keep your seeds during an airtight jar in a cool and dry place. Dried seed that hasn’t been ground is keep for three to four years. For ideal flavor, grind dried seeds before victimization them in your recipes.

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