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How to Make a Strawberry Planter Out of a Laundry Basket

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Growing strawberries is fun and easy – as long as you have the right place to do so!

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A few steps shown on a collage photo on how to make a strawberry planter.


Luckily, these adaptable little fruits aren’t picky about where they are planted. You can easily grow your own strawberries with the gear you probably have on hand at home.

There are plenty of ways you can grow strawberries – in a pallet, in a raised bed…even in a container on your deck!

However, this idea for making a strawberry planter out of a laundry basket is one of the best we’ve found. It was created by Garden Answer on YouTube. Make sure you check out this video to watch the step-by-step process, too!


How to build a laundry basket strawberry tower:

Equipment Needed:

  • Tall plastic laundry hamper
  • Burlap sack (make sure the volume matches that of your hamper)
  • Potting soil
  • Strawberry plants
  • Filler plants (if desired)
  • Trowel
  • Scissors


Preparing for the project.

1. Start by punching several holes in the bottom of the laundry basket for drainage. You might be able to do this with a sharp pair of scissors, but some people find it easier just to use a drill.

Either way, it’s an important first step. Strawberry plants like to be moist, they don’t need to be soggy at all times – and this can lead to root rot.Make sure the basket has bottom holes.


2. Line the bin with a burlap sack, garbage bag style, so the flaps are hanging over the edge. The burlap will hold the soil in the container. You can usually buy burlap at any nursery or outdoor store. Most craft stores sell them, too.

Adding and cutting a burlap sack.

If you don’t want to use burlap, you could also use a black plastic bag or some other kind of weed barrier. Burlap tends to be the best at both retaining and draining moisture, however.

When you add your bag, it will likely hang over the sides of the basket. Don’t worry – you’ll take care of that later.

3. Fill the laundry basket with good potting soil. Cut the excess burlap around the edges of the basket. The soil should weigh it down.


4. Using your scissors, cut holes in this side of the basket where you want to plant your strawberries. Don’t plant in every hole – space them out.Cutting holes for the desired plants.

5. Before you plant (and before you cut your holes), consider where you will be positioning the strawberry planter.

You may want to leave one side bare so that the plants aren’t crushed when you hang the basket up against a wall. You might also want to skip the first few levels so your plants have room to drape over the side of the basket.

6. Adding the strawberry plants.

Go ahead and insert your strawberries into the holes. You don’t need to push them deep into the basket – just make sure the roots and the base of the plants are situated in the soil.

They will root into the soil and be supported by the burlap.

7. You can plant the top of your container with more attractive plants to fill it up, like a monarda plant. Choose plants that will bloom all summer long – and attract pollinators, too! – for the best results.

Adding other fancy flowers and plants to the top part.

You don’t have to stick to other berries, although this is definitely an option if you so choose. You can also grow plants like herbs or flowers here, too.


8. Put your planter into a bright, sunny location. Water regularly while your plants are getting established.

That’s all there is to it!

Why You should make this vertical planter?

Saving space and urban gardening is probably the biggest reason to use a laundry basket to make your own strawberry planter. Check out our 27 strawberry growing tips to maximize your plant’s potential.

This idea is not only inexpensive – you can buy a laundry basket for just a few dollars – and it doesn’t take up much space. Plus, you can choose just about any color you want!

It’s a great way to use a laundry hamper you no longer have a use for. If you like to reuse everyday items so that they don’t have to be relegated to the landfill, this is the way to go.

Plus, this whole project takes just five minutes from start to finish. Give it a try this weekend! P.S cook some fantastic strawberry desserts with your harvested strawberries. 

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