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How to Make Succulent Arrangements

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I was hanging out in my balcony garden one day last week and noticed that a bunch of my succulents were growing babies. I was able to take a bunch of cuttings and make new arrangements with these little cuttings. This was really fun and I want to share with you how you can make your own succulent arrangements.

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A Variety of Succulents

You want to have several succulents to make your succulent arrangement with. You don’t need to have cuttings of succulents to do this, although cuttings will save you money in the long run.


Pick at least three different types of succulents to start off with. You can get ideas on what types of succulents to pick by reading about types of succulent plants. There are so many to choose from!

I’ve slowly acquired a good variety since I got serious about gardening several years ago. Many of my succulents sprout babies throughout the year, so I’ve been able to create small arrangements through these cuttings without spending more money on new succulents.

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Mini succulent arrangements I made from cuttings.

Succulent Plants

If you are purchasing succulents for the first time, how large should they be? That is up to how much you can spend and how large of a container you want to use.


Succulents will grow as large as the container they are in. The larger the container, the more room they have to grow. You can also add more to make a beautiful, intricate arrangement.

Colorful Succulents

One way to decide on one of your succulent arrangements is to design a color bowl based on the color of the succulents. You can choose one color scheme, such as greens, or several different colors to make for a beautiful display of color.

succulent arrangements, how to make succulent arrangements, succulents, succulent plants, succulent garden

One of my colorful succulent bowls has purple, red, and green succulents in it. Another has different types of succulents that are in a variety of greens. Stroll around your local garden supply store or online to get an idea of what types of colors you want to include in your succulent arrangement.

Succulent Containers

What type or types of containers do you want to place your succulent arrangements in? There are many types of pots and other items that can be used as succulent containers. Below is a list of items that make great succulent containers:

Succulent Soil Mix

Once you choose the types of succulents and containers to place your succulents in, you want to choose the right soil mix so that your succulents will thrive for years. I use a regular potting soil mix for my succulents and they have been doing fine.


If you want a specific succulent soil mix, there are plenty of organic and synthetic mixes you can choose from. You can also make your very own succulent soil mix for your plants. Mix together the same amount of coarse sand, potting soil, and pumice or perlite for your own homemade succulent soil mix.

Light for Succulents

Many types of succulents enjoy light all day, but there are some who don’t need as much light as others. Make sure that the succulents you place in your arrangements prefer the same amount of light.

succulent arrangements, how to make succulent arrangements, succulents, succulent plants, succulent garden
Another mini succulent arrangement made from cuttings.

Some succulents prefer limited amount of sunlight and are perfect to enjoy indoors. Others grow better in full (six or more hours) of sun. Do your research so that you know what type of sunlight each succulent in your arranged container prefers.

Succulent Arrangements

Have you made succulent arrangements before? If not, its a great way to enjoy several succulents in your home as a centerpiece or out in your container garden. Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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