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The Best Ways to Prep Your Garden for the Fall

The weather is getting cooler in many areas, which means fall is just around the corner. Is your garden ready for the fall? Here is a collaborative post on the best ways to prep your garden for the fall.

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Even if your area has mild weather changes, many of these tips can be used in both warm and cool areas.


You also want to think about how your plants may respond this time of year and use these tips accordingly.

prep your garden for fall

The garden for many is a place that is utilized the most during the summer months. The warm weather encourages you to get out, you find a new interest in planting and flowers, and you take pride in the appearance of your outdoor areas.

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However, once the weather starts to get a little cooler, for some, that means garden season is over. You may be wrong.


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The fall is the perfect time to enjoy the garden. You get the dry weather, you can still make the most of plants and flowers, and you can also do some necessary work to help your garden flourish and survive the winter months ahead.

So how can you best prep your garden for the fall? Here are some suggestions.


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Time to Think About Your Lawns and Patios 

Your lawn and patio may have gotten a lot of use over the summer, and while you may have been regularly mowing your lawn and keeping it looking trim, the chances are this will deplete as the weather gets cooler.

As the weather is still bright and dry, you could use the time wisely to cut your lawn as often as you can, trim the edges and give it a much-needed feed or treatment ready for the winter months ahead.

The same applies to your patio. Giving all the areas and your walls a good steam clean will brighten them up and get rid of any grubby mud or debris that’s been hanging around and perhaps will have been ignored during the summer.

Tidy Up the Flower Beds

prep your garden for the fall, flowers

It’s time to clear those leaves and sticks ready for the winter months ahead and create some fresh new bedding for flowers that you can plant or protect when the weather gets a little cooler.


Bright flowers can look attractive in the spring and summer months and preparing planting seeds and bulbs now could help them to flourish next year.

Adding a compost to the flower beds can also help them thrive. Looking online for a topsoil supplier could be a good move to make.

Pruning bushes and weeding flower beds can also make a huge difference to your outside space. By just cleaning up the flower beds and tidying debris away, you are well on your way to creating a lovely garden space.

Treat Any Furniture You Have or Get it Stored Away

prep your garden for fall, outdoor furniture

During the winter months, your garden furniture can feel the true brunt of the cold and icy weather. This is when you need to ensure that you treat any furniture that you have.

This might be an added sealant to protect against wet weather.


A good tip might be to invest in any storage in the garden so that you can begin to lock the furniture away as the weather starts to turn colder.

However, the fall is still a great time to utilize the garden, and adding a wood burner or chimney to your patio can mean evenings that are cooler can still be enjoyed.

Water Your Garden

watering the garden

Watering the garden will have become part of your routine when it comes to the summer months. You instinctively want to help protect your garden and flowers, especially because rain can seriously be lacking.

But during the fall, you may still need to ensure that you water the garden. You want to keep those flowers and shrubs, and even your lawns thriving right to the point where you know the rain is going to start.

Create a Composting Area 

compost area, fall garden

Now that you are getting your garden organised, you could utilize the time efficiently by creating a compost area. This will provide much-needed nutrients for your flower beds in the spring and summer months next year.

Composting allows those bulbs and seeds you’ve planted to thrive in the warmer months.

A compost area can be easily created, and a lot of your household waste that you have daily, such as egg shells for example, are prime ingredients for good compost.

Eat Outside 

fall picnic

Finally, make sure you still utilize the dry weather and eat and cook outside.

There are still wonderful opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, and eating out or cooking on the BBQ is not something that should just be reserved for the summer months.

Even if you want more comforting food such as chili or something that has been cooking in the slow cooker all day, it can still be very comforting and warming to eat it outside.


Now that you have started to tackle all of these things, your garden will soon be prepped for the fall, ready for you to fully enjoy it once more when the weather gets warmer. Enjoy your garden throughout the whole year.

Prep Your Garden for the Fall

Are you using any of these tips to get your garden ready for the fall? Let me know in the comments section below!

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