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7 Reasons to use- Epsom salt benefits and uses

Epsom salt, chemically known as magnesium sulfate, has a variety of surprising uses throughout your home.  The incredible health benefits and versatility of Epsom salt- not to mention that it’s inexpensive — make it a must-have for every home medicine cabinet. We are describing here for some of the Epsom salt benefits and uses.

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Epsom salt benefits

Try some of these remedies. Epsom salt is a popular remedy for many ailments. People use it to ease health problems, such as muscle soreness and stress. It’s also affordable, easy to use, and harmless when used appropriately.

Epsom salt benefit: Body Aches

One of the most common uses for Epsom salt is to treat body aches. The magnesium and other compounds are absorbed into your skin and work to relieve aches and pains caused by tension and inflammation. Epsom salt draws toxins from your body to relieve swelling, sprains, and bruises.

To use, add 2 cups of Epsom salt to your bath and submerge yourself for at least 20 minutes. Your tired and achy feet will also thank you after a nice therapeutic soak at the end of a long day.

Relaxation and Stress Relief

When your body is deficient in magnesium it can lower your serotonin levels, making you sad, while also affecting your appetite and sleep. When you soak in a bath of Epsom salts, it aids your body in the production of serotonin. Magnesium in the Epsom salt not only helps to reduce stress and improve your mood, but it also helps your cells produce energy.

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Who couldn’t benefit from a little natural energy boost? Plus studies show that those suffering from Lyme disease can greatly benefit from Epsom salt soaks. Just be sure the water is not too hot (keep it at 98 F). Ask your doctor for more information.

Epsom salt benefits: Acne Treatment

Epsom salt is also an effective natural face cleanser, containing antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties, making it a fantastic choice to treat acne.

Before bed, mix a teaspoon of Epsom salt with your normal facial cleanser and wash as normal.

Epsom salt benefits: Bug Bite Relief

To relieve the annoying itch that bugs can leave behind, mix 1/2 a cup of hot water and 1/2 a cup of Epsom salt in a spray bottle. Spray onto the affected skin. This spray also works well for other causes of itchy skin.

Epsom salt benefits and uses-7 Reasons to use #EpsomSalt #EpsomSaltBenefits #EpsomSaltUses #Remedies #HomeRemedies #ImmuneSystem #HealthyHair

Epsom salt benefits: Grout Cleaner

Mix equal parts Epsom salts and liquid dish detergent to create an effective tile and grout cleaner. Apply this mixture to stains in your bathroom or kitchen. Let it soak for a few minutes, scrub away grime, and rinse clean.

Cold and Flu Relief

At the first hint of a cold or flu, grab the Epsom salt. Soaking in an Epsom bath my boost your immune system, increasing white blood cells to help fight off infection.

Epsom salt soaks also relax muscles and aches which aid in restorative sleep to help fight off infection.

Epsom salt benefits: Healthy Hair

Not only will your body thank you for adding Epsom salt into your daily routine, but your hair will also benefit.

To remove a build-up of styling products, including hairspray, mix 1 cup each of Epsom salt and lemon juice into a gallon of water. Cover and let the mixture sit for 24 hours before use. Simply pour over hair and let the mixture sit for 15-20 minutes. Wash and condition as usual.

To add volume to your hair, combine equal parts conditioner and Epsom salt. Apply to hair and let sit for 20 minutes. The Epsom salt helps remove excess oil that weighs hair down.

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