Understanding Cat Language: What is your Cat trying to Tell you

Understanding cat language- what is your cat actually trying to tell you.

Cats are quieter, less expressive, and harder to read than dogs, but that doesn’t imply they’re unfathomable. By observing their vocalizations, body postures, and everyday habits, you can better comprehend your pet.


You may become so familiar with your cat that you can spot mood changes and health issues before they show up.

What Is Your Cat ACTUALLY Trying To Tell You

Image source: Island Cats Veterinary Hospital

Understanding Cat Language

A cat who is disturbed, afraid, angry, or aggressive will growl, hiss, or spit. Give this kitty some space.

A yowl or howl, which sound like loud, prolonged meows, indicates that your cat is in distress, whether it’s trapped in a closet, searching for you, or experiencing discomfort.

1 Slow, sneaky low to the ground crawl

Your cat is following something around, as if it were its “victim.” Be on your guard, since your cat is about to launch a full-force attack very soon.

understanding cat language: Slow, sneaky low to the ground crawl

Slow, sneaky low to the ground crawl. Image source: Playbuzz

2 Purring

Happiness. It’s possible that they’re holding out for something that will make them happy.
It’s possible that they are suffering.

Understanding Cat Language: Purring

Understanding Cat Language: Purring. Image source: Playbuzz

3 Arched back with raised fur

It’s a sign that a cat wants to play, so let’s do it!
When you’re dealing with an adult cat, it’s a clear sign that they want their space.

Understanding Cat Language: Arched back with raised fur

Arched back with raised fur. Image source: Playbuzz

4 Ears turned back

They were confused about what to do, so they analyzed their predicament and planned their next step.

Understanding Cat Language: Ears turned back

Understanding Cat Language: Ears turned back

5 Ears pointed up

Your cat appears to be completely focused on and interested in something at the moment.
It can be a sound, a movement, or even another cat. It might be anything.

Understanding Cat Language: Ears pointed up

Understanding Cat Language: Ears pointed up. Image source: Playbuzz

6 Exposed tummy

If your cat turns over onto her back and exposes her stomach to you, this is an indication that she trusts you completely.

Understanding Cat Language: Exposed tummy.

Understanding Cat Language: Exposed tummy. Image source:

There are a few additional causes for your cat to be sleeping on its back. One is that they would enjoy a belly rub, while many cats do not. But there are always exceptions, and your cat may like belly rubs.

Your cat may also be displaying their bare belly in order to make a request. They might now do it to get your attention or a treat because they’ve discovered that you always do so after they offer their stomach.

7 Hissing

Hissing is a common response for cats when they feel trapped, when they want some space, or when they are extremely distressed. Keep your distance from the hissing cat.

Understanding Cat Language: Hissing.

Understanding Cat Language: Hissing. Image source: Playbuzz

8 Lying on your newspaper or book

Your cat is completely at ease and has the impression that she has complete command of the situation.

Paper that has been dropped on the floor in huge quantities may attract cats for no other reason than the fact that it is a novel object for them to investigate and “find.”

Understanding Cat Language: Lying on your newspaper or book

Understanding Cat Language: Lying on your newspaper or book

Cats like to perch on paper because it is a strong insulator and the temperature there is higher than the surrounding area. The same logic applies to people who sleep rough and lie on newspapers.

Pet cats will sometimes engage in behavior designed to garner their owners’ attention, such as sitting on whatever the owner is doing that prevents them from giving the cat the attention it requires at the moment.

There is no denying the fact that cats absolutely adore being the center of attention. And frequently, they are aware of exactly how to get it from us.

It’s possible that your cat will decide that you’ve been paying much too much attention to the foolish keyboard that’s been resting between your human paws and will decide to put himself right on top of the keyboard.

If you’ve already engaged in a significant amount of activity with a piece of paper that you’ve just deposited on the ground, sitting on that paper might be an effective alternative strategy for attracting attention.



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