15 Minute Home Butt Workout For Ladies To Tighten and Build a Booty

Sometimes you are limited on time or  interested in building a booty without going to a gym.  Try this quick 15 minute  butt workout for women to tighten and build a booty you can do right at home.

How to Perform at Your Own Risk:
Beginner reps / advanced reps


1. Bridge with dumbbell (20-60lb.)   20 reps / 30-50 reps (30-60lb)
2. One Leg Bridge  25 reps each leg / 50 reps each leg
3. Bridge with No Weight 50 reps / 100 reps
4. Skate  1 min / 2 minutes (push off side of foot, stay crouched, DONT bring the opposite foot behind and across the other (NO curtsy!), keep the feet parallel, emphasize the crouch and pushing off side off leg)
5. Burpee to a star Jump  10 reps  / 30 reps  Take your time on the burpee, let your entire body hit the ground, emphasize the press up off your palms of your hands, bring feet up and jump into a complete star shooting arms up and over the head NOT up and out like a side lateral raises, straighten out legs and arms before touching the ground.
6.  Jumping Squat w 10-20lb medicine ball  10 reps / 20 reps (optional)
7.  Jump Rope, regular or high speed running or 20:25 yard hill sprints (walk down, sprint up) 1 min / 2-3 min
Repeat all 1 to 5 or 1 to 7, beginner: 1-2 x  Advanced: 1-3x
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