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5 Belly Flattening AB Exercises For Women and Ab Workout Included

Today’s Home Ab Workout For Women includes 5 Ab Exercises to help define and strengthen both lower and upper abs.

Remember, you must be eating a clean and healthy diet along with performing both short intense and longer cardio sessions to make those abs defined and flat.

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This ab circuit seen in the video below utilizes a utility bench that I recommend you buy for your home gym.  Make sure it has great reviews and is supportive.  The best home benches range anywhere from $149 to $ 349.  It’s very important not to buy a cheaper version as they tend to be very unstable and have too many screws and nuts that eventually quickly loosen making it unsafe and annoying.

Below is an example of  a very sturdy and versatile bench that will last you a lifetime.  One of the better home gym benches that’s similar to commercial grade without the higher price tag.  An adjustable bench allows you to do incline flies, reverse back flies and a few other exercises for a more dynamic exercise program.


How to perform the 5 Ab Exercise Workout To Flatten and Strengthen Your Belly:  Each exercise has the reps for both a beginner and advanced fitness level.  Example:  Sit Ups  25 reps (beginner)  / 50 reps (advanced)

Perform this routine at your own risk and always consult with your medical professional before starting any exercise plan.

Home Ab Exercise Workout Circuit for Women:

  1. V-Up  10 reps / 25 reps
  2. Knee Tucks 10 reps / 25 reps
  3. Hops 5 – 10 reps / 15 – 25 reps  * Make sure to hold each one 2 seconds on top
  4. Bicycle 30 seconds / 1 minute
  5. Leg Flutter moving 90 degrees to 45 degrees 30 seconds / 1 minute
  6. Jump Rope 1 minute / 2 minutes
  7. Push Ups knees  5 – 10 reps / 25 – 30 reps

Repeat all 7 exercises as follows: beginner 1-2x, advanced 4-6x


Then power walk or jog 2-5 miles with a 100 yard sprint at the end.

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