Punching Bag Workout For Women To Get Fighting Fit at Home.

I get emails all the time asking to show a boxing workout (punching bag workout) for fitness to lose weight and get fit.  This punching bag home workout will help you learn the basic punching fundamentals of boxing while training your legs at the same time.
I used a mom of 3 that has little experience boxing but has used my course on Udemy for the last 4 weeks to get fit after her 3rd baby called BOX IN 15.  I asked her to come in to shoot some videos and now she’s training with me in my group class.
Make sure you’re always in a slight squat position when walking in your stance (never be up on your toes).  This will give you power when punching as you need to use your hips.  Boxing works your legs if you’re consistently in the right stance.  I added leg exercises to help tone and shape your legs.  This fitness boxing workout will help you get fit and love your leg workout without requiring a gym membership.
How To Use This Fitness Boxing Video:
click video to view proper form, follow the workout below the video.

1. 3 minutes shadow boxing jab, cross / jab, jab, cross, jab
2. 3 minutes walk in stance forward 3 steps, back 3 steps, right 3 steps and left 3 steps.
3. Same as above but once you land in position after 3 steps throw 3 straights (left, right, left)  keep hands up and work on position, stance and good form.
4. Jump Rope 3 minutes
5.  Side Kicks 6 minutes alternating between 10 kicks on right and 10 kicks on left.
6. Squats 50
7. Jumping Squats 30
8. Burpees 30
9. Get in stance, spring in and throw left, right and weave and then spring back out for 1 minute
10. Do same as above but throw 3 straights (left, right , left)
11. Go Right 3 steps and come back to bag and punch 6 straights. for 1 minute
12 Do same to left for 1 minute
13. Lunges 25 – 50 per leg alternating
14. Jumping Squat 25
15. Squat 50
16. Jog 1 – 3 miles.
There’s your fitness boxing workout for legs :).
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