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Total Arm Shaping Workout For a Quick Home Workout Routine plus cardio exercises

Have you been trying to tone and shape your arms for a long time with no results?  Try this home arm toning workout that includes 6 arm exercises (bicep workout, tricep workout) and a quick fat burning workout routine (3 cardio exercises) to help you.

Remember, you 110% have to eat a healthy and lean diet to get the tone and firm arms you desire.   All three are keys to your success especially after 30 years old: clean diet, cardio and a smart workout routine. To get the results you desire, make sure too eat less calories than you’re burning everyday and add resistance training 3-5x per week.

If you want help getting ultra-fit from head to toe and laser focus on your most troubled areas (lower or upper body), choose one printed plan below :

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Today’s Total Arm Home Workout Routine Video Includes The Sets and Reps (See Below and Watch)

How To Perform This Arm Workout Routine For Home:


  1. Straight bar Bicep Curls:
  2. Concentration Curls
  3. Hammer Curls


  1. Burpees
  2. Star Jumps
  3. Running High Knee

4 TRICEP EXERCISE WORKOUT CIRCUIT (band: red, blue or black)

  1. Push backs (band)
  2. Kick Backs (palm down)
  3. Kick Backs (reverse grip)
  4. Kick backs (reverse grip) 45 degrees

Run 1/2-1 mile and repeat entire video workout 3-5x.


Try, share and comment if you try it.  Would love to hear your results!

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