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Outdoor Lantern Lights – Let There Be Light!

There is a story with this Outdoor Lantern Lights. I was embarking on my newfound love of Pinterest, I was also on the hunt for an outdoorsy DIY project to make for the June/July issue of Columbia Home. I quickly landed on two adorable yarn-ball-ish lantern projects like Outdoor Lantern Lights (check them out here and here) and decided to combine the two techniques for my own version of lantern loveliness. And oh happy day, this is by far my favorite DIY project to date.

Outdoor Lantern Lights. There is a story with this DIY. I was embarking on my newfound love of Pinterest



Here’s what you need for the Outdoor Lantern Lights:

• 5 to 6 balloons, blown up to whatever size ball or lantern you want to make
• large plastic drop cloth
• scissors
• twine, hemp or cotton yarn (I used hemp because it seemed a little tougher for outdoor use, but next time I might go the white yarn route for a lighter, brighter look.)
• 4 ounces basic white glue
• ½ cup cornstarch
• 1/4 cup warm water
• petroleum jelly
• clear, fast-drying spray paint
• lantern lights or white twinkle lights (I like the twinkle lights because they have that twinkly, magical look, but lantern lights would be nifty, too.)


Outdoor Lantern Lights - Let There Be Light! Outdoor #Lantern #Lights


Instructions to the DIY Outdoor Lantern Lights:

To make an outdoor lantern lights, Blow up balloons to the desired size. Keep in mind that the size of your balloon dictates the size of your lanterns balls (it’s also helpful not to blow up the balloons all the way; a bit less air makes for rounder balloons).

If you plan to place a lantern light in your finished lanterns, draw a circle on the top of each balloon large enough to accommodate the lighting fixture. If you’re not planning to light the lanterns or you’d prefer to stuff them with a simple strand of twinkle lights, you can skip this step (just make sure you leave enough space while wrapping to stuff the twinkle lights inside).

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