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Make a Rolling Kitchen Cart From an Old Filing Cabinet

Make a Rolling Kitchen Cart From an Old Filing Cabinet

We’ve never met anyone who couldn’t use more kitchen storage and counter impression. This rolling kitchen cart offers both – drawers for storage of tools, spices, or root vegetables, racks to hang towels and utensils, and a butcher-block depth for food preparation or appliance storage.

The main structure is a used filing cabinet, which is copious in secondhand shops, garage sales, and online classified listings. We found ours for less than three dollars at an organization shop. Look for a filing cabinet whose drawers and hardware are in alert order, and for a deed that has no major dents or broken. The color and finish are of no consequence, as it will be painted.

Make a Rolling Kitchen Cart From an Old Filing Cabinet

MATERIALS to make a rolling kitchen cart:
Secondhand filing cabinet
Spray metal primer
2 cans spray paint
Two rolling casters and two locking casters
A cutting board or piece of butcher block that’s at least the size of the top of your filing cabinet
Two inexpensive horizontal towel racks (buy for $18 on Amazon)

TOOLS to make a rolling kitchen cart:
Mineral spirits or sticker remover
Electric drill
1/8” and 1/16” drill bits
24 1?8” bolts, 1/2 – 1” long
24 1?8” nuts
4 #8 short screws
Washers (if necessary)

The process, How to Make a Rolling Kitchen Cart

Step 1
Remove the drawers, and use mineral spirits or sticker remover to profit rid of any scrapbook residue, labels, or grime, and wipe tidy. Remove any hardware will come off easily, and lid remaining hardware subsequent to painters cd.
Then, spray the cabinet deed and drawers along with a jacket of metal primer, followed by two coats of spray paint.

Step 2
Mark the location of the holes of your casters concerning the bottom of your filing cabinet, and drill 1/8 holes for the screws. If the cabinet bottom is not hermetic, use a fragment of scrap wood under the ledges to prevent them from bending out cold the drill. If the metal is thick, you can use a blow torch to soften the metal, but most drills should be skillful to profit through. Then, screw in the casters using the included screws or 1/8 bolts and nuts.

Step 3
Attach the towel/utensil racks to the sides by marking and drilling holes as in step two, and securing them with short bolts and nuts.

Step 4
Place your spiteful board concerning top of the cabinet, and mark where the screws will dependence to be credited moreover anchor it. Drill 1?16 pilot holes, subsequently add together the 1 screws from the underside of the cabinet. You can use the washers to prevent the screw from going every single one of the mannerism through the cutting board.

Step 5
Now, insert the drawers back into the case. Then fill the cabinets, hang your utensils using S-hooks, and make something delicious for dinner!

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